The guests have left, the champagne’s been downed, and the wedding is over. Now the big question: where to?

Let’s face it. Most honeymoons start and end with tropical beaches–and while no one would complain about that, we wondered, what else is out there? For those who are looking for something a little different, we’ve scoured the interwebs for the best alternatives for your future honeymoon.

For the unconventional couples . . . 

Instead of a private beach, try a private winery. Italy is great for these places, as Taza showed us. Enjoy the wine, stroll through rows and rows of grapevines, enjoy lunches on a quiet Tuscan hillside, and bask in the unique solitude.

Or try this spin on your classic American B&B honeymoon and stay at a farm instead. Yes, a farm. Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is a popular one–you’ll definitely leave with a different experience than you would otherwise.

For the international lovers . . . 

Most international honeymooners end up in Paris or Rome. Explore uncharted couple territory and turn to places like Iceland, Ireland, or even Burma for your international trip.

Iceland has geothermal spas and hotels beside glaciers. Doesn’t get cooler than that, right? Ireland has incredible beer and idyllic cliffs. Bar hopping, anyone? Both destinations are a bit out of the ordinary, and you’re sure to make memories you’ll never forget.

For the adventurers . . . 

Here’s a new one: go on a safari for your honeymoon. Get up close and personal with lions while you sip wine with your new hubby. Your hearts will be racing with adventure–and with the wedding vows still echoing in your heads, he’ll enjoy falling into the protector role right away (at least, we hope so…..).

Or take a roadtrip across the United States. Our country is full of incredible places like the Grand Canyon or the Zion National Park. It’s definitely different but just think–you’ll never fight over directions again.

For the romantics . . . 

If you’re still dreaming of tropical sandy beaches, here’s something: your own private yacht honeymoon in France. Sail along the French coast with your sweetie, stopping in beautiful ports along the way. You’ll still enjoy the perks of beach life but in a one-of-a-kind way.

In Tuscany, you can stay at the Castel Monestaro. This resort and spa is literally like staying at a castle, with beautiful views, food, and award-winning staff. We’re not into name-dropping but–Gordon Ramsay? Hello.

Which honeymoon idea is your favorite? Would you try an American farm destination or hit up the geothermal lagoons in Iceland?