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New Accessory Line – Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge!

Oh how we love some extra sparkle this time of year! When our newest accessory line, Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge arrived this week, it felt like Christmas came early.

These headpieces and sashes are a refreshing mix of boho charm meets classic bridal elegance. Plus, we are kind of girl crushing on the designer. Amanda Judge was working in sales and marketing when she realized she needed a creative outlet. So she made some headpieces for fun and put them on Etsy. Fast forward three years and Untamed Petals is now one of the top selling bridal accessories in the industry!

We couldn’t be happier Amanda Judge took a chance years ago on her passion project as we are so excited to share with you all these pretty polishing peices.








Our Newest Collection!

We are so excited to share with you all our newest collection – Theia! The collections designer Don O’Niel is a native Irishman who has traveled throughout Europe studying and designing evening wear. Don O’Niel lives and creates in NYC and has been praised by, People Magazine, Carrie Underwood and now, Malindy Elene!

The Theia dresses are flowy and fabulous with options from all over lace to intricate beaded bodices. Inspiration for the collection comes from the Goddess Theia which makes perfect sense considering that’s exactly how we felt when we tried on this gown!

Oh, and did we mention the best part? The price point of these gowns are simply banana’s retailing between $1500 – $2500. Thank Goddess Theia!


The Pink Bridal Shop on Kennedy

We’ve become to be known as “the pink bridal shop on Kennedy” and we must admit, we don’t hate that. We hear many brides describe how they drive or walk past our little boutique often and finally they get to see what it looks like inside.

Well, we’d love for everyone to take a peak inside! We had the pleasure of the talented Esther Louise visiting us to snap some stellar shots of our bridal oasis and now we’d like to share a little bit of what that pink bridal shop on Kennedy has inside…



His Wish List: The Ultimate Gift Guide for your Fiancé

It’s that time of year again! The malls are packed and the joys of the holiday season can become stressful when shopping for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones on your list. Let us help you pick out the perfect gift for your main squeeze with our 2013 Fiancé Gift Guide! Finally, shopping just got easier and your fiancé is about to fall even more in love.

Tickets: Gift him an unforgetable experience with tickets to his favorite band or sporting event.

Scuba Lessons: Get him excited about the wedding planning with a gift he’ll use on the honeymoon. Surprise him with scuba lessons, Parasailing, or rock climbing!


Birchbox for Men: This monthly subscription sends boyish related goodies like fancy shave gels and manly hair products every month to your man. Bonus for you, he’ll smell extra sexy this new year.

Watch: Jewelry is a gift that everyone adores, even men. Try a Steel plated watch for an architecturally clean and classic look.

Beats Headphones: Pack his iTunes with a stellar playlist and then give him the gift that ignites every song. Soon, he’ll be singing your praises.

Crazy Socks: This stocking stuffer will update his 9-5 getup with an added a dose of wit.

Happy Shopping ladies!

Ivy & Aster Trunk Show!

It’s Tuesday and we are already daydreaming of darling details and whimsical romance that will surround us this weekend at the Ivy & Aster trunk show.

If you are looking for a wedding gown that is completely unique and full of pure joy, Ivy & Aster is your designer. Call now to book an appointment with us for this weekend and receive 10% off all Ivy and Aster dresses!


Wedding Showcase at Mainsail!

It’s no secret that we love working with brides. So when we had the chance to participate in the Wedding Showcase at Mainsail, we jumped at it!

It was amazing to meet so many new blushing brides as they began their wedding planning process. Plus, we may have sneaked out of our booth once or twice to try some of the tasty treats from dessert vendors.  We would never miss an opportunity for chocolate covered strawberries!

Though, we must say our favorite part of the event was the bridal runway show. Local bridal gown and bridesmaid dress stores showcased their latest fashions.

Malindy Elene represented on runway with showstoppers by Reem Acra, Badgely Mischka, and Anne Barge. Thank you to our beautiful models who lit up the stage and these gorgeous gowns!

Which bridal gown is your favorite? Which bridal shows do you plan to attend?

Our Favorite Bridal Shoe Designers

We can’t lie. We have a minor obsession with shoes and when it comes to bridal, we admittedly go a little crazy. Some of our favorite bridal shoe designers are Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Badgley Mischka. We adore the colorful details Kate Spade brings to every pair and the clean elegance of Badgley Mischka. Of course nothing says, “get this party started” like a gold platform strappy sandal from Jimmy Choo.

What type of shoes do you swoon over for your bridal look? Do you gravitate toward certain designers?


In house Customization

A fabulous bride, a wedding in Italy, and our amazing In house Customization is definitely a dream team.

When Becca joined our Malindy Elene family we couldn’t have been more excited because of the style we were going to help her create and the meaning behind it. She came to us with her mom’s wedding gown and was a little apprehensive about making it into her gown. Would it work? How would it look? Could we keep the original gown but still modernize it to Becca’s taste. Well, let me tell you it turned out absolutely amazing!

Roya, our seamstress, worked her magic and re-made the gown into exactly what Becca was looking for. It is all the original fabric and material, but the back is now lower, buttons are added, the length was extended and the shape of the gown is now a more fitted style. It is a totally different gown, but still looks just like the original and that is why we love our Seamstress!!! Her in house customization is one thing we could not brag more about here in our store. From simple changes in alterations, to completely re-making a gown…..yeah, she can do it all!

Becca looked simply stunning on her wedding day and we are nothing but honored to have been apart of it!



White Sale Announcement!

Tis the season! We adore day after Thanksgiving shopping but we love bridal even more. Forget Black Friday, we’re celebrating with a White Sale this year!

As you scour this holiday season for fabulous finds, be sure to visit us! Like any great day after Thanksgiving sale, we can’t disclose all the details! It’s a super secret surprise and we promise not to disappoint.  It’s going to be HUGE and everything in the store will be on sale!

Call to make an appointment for the White Friday Sale now! We can’t wait to kickoff the holiday season with you!